15.10. information wherein links to illegal and prohibited websites are made, as set out in the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania;

15.11. data wherein passwords or other personal information of XTGEM users is disclosed;

15.12. commercial activity, advertising of any type, links to other advertising websites;

15.13. photos or videos of people who have not given their consent to upload such material;

15.14. information violating the rights of copyright and/or related right holders, rights of trademark or other industrial property owners;

15.15. other information which is prohibited according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, which violates moral and ethic norms.

16. Examples of activities which are prohibited on XTGEM website are indicated below:

16.1. illegal or criminal activities including children pornography, fraud, drug trading, gambling, persecution, spamming, sending of viruses or other harmful data;

16.2. activities including use of viruses or other similar programmes impeding, eliminating or restricting use of any software;

16.3. use of user names, passwords, profiles and other data of other XTGEM service users uploaded on XTGEM website;

16.4. use of information provided on XTGEM website in order to harm another natural or legal person;

16.5. any other illegal activities prohibited according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania violating moral, ethic norms, rights and legitimate interests of third persons.

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