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Personal info

Name: Shahmi
Gender: Male
Location: Malaysia

About me

I am TechnoSparks, real name is Shahmi. You might not know my age! I am 16.<br /> <br /> I no longer use XtGem for my main website which is GreenWap, however I do use it for the WhatsNewAt.xtgem.com news site. A proud XtGem user since 2011.<br /> <br /> I create websites and I am a web developer for now. A software developer to be.<br /> <br /> Visit my main website at http://greenwap.net<br /> <br /> Thanks to Phani for the .net domain!<br /> Thanks to Graham for all these years.<br /> Thanks to Povilas for being very friendly.<br /> Thanks to every XtGem staffs for making the XtGem a better place.<br /> <br /> Such a huge English improvement I had throughout the years here. I am really glad XtBoard played an important impact on my English life!

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Registered: 2013-11-29
Last login: 2021-07-08
Posts: 180
Threads started: 27


Posts: 180
Threads started: 27
User status: Member

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