7. The service user has a right to use the services provided by XTGEM and the data downloaded from XTGEM sites only for his personal needs.

8. The service user does not have a right to use XTGEM services or data downloaded from its website in the economic-commercial activities or in any other activities related to receiving profit.

9. The service user does not have a right to upload the data downloaded from XTGEM website on other Internet websites or make them publicly accessible in any other way.

10. Only the owner of the data or another legitimate manager of it has a right to upload the data on XTGEM website or mobile XTGEM site and/or make it fully and/or partially accessible, provided that by carrying out the above mentioned actions the person shall not violate the rights and legal interests of third persons, shall observe ethic norms or legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

11. Upon registration on XTGEM website the service user must choose and create a password. The service user is fully responsible for the confidentiality of the password chosen. The service user does not have a right to disclose the password to third persons or to use the passwords of other XTGEM service users. The service user is obliged to immediately inform the XTGEM Service Provider if he/she suspects that other XTGEM service users are using the password chosen by him or her.

12. XTGEM Service Provider does not purport to the service user‘s non property copyright to texts, photos, illustrations, sounds, video recordings, pieces of music, and production of other types which the service user uploads on XTGEM website using XTGEM services. The service user grants a right to XTGEM Service Provider to use the property copyright of the service user without any compensation: to use, to change, to delete, to add, to publicize, to reproduce, and to show in public the above indicated pieces of work on XTGEM website for providing XTGEM services to other users.

13. It is allowed to upload the data which is the object of copyright provided that uploading of such data and making it publicly accessible will not infringe copyrights. The service user confirms and guarantees that he or she is the author of the data uploaded or he or she has received the author‘s consent, as set out in the requirements of related legal acts so that upon uploading the data on XTGEM he does not infringe the copyrights, the right to privacy, moral and ethic norms, rights and legitimate interests of other third persons, and the requirements of the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

14. XTGEM Service Provider has a right to leave the data uploaded by the service user available to the public for an unlimited period of time, even after the expiry of the right of the service user to use XTGEM services.

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