25. XTGEM Service Provider does not have to check the data uploaded by the user. If XTGEM service user has doubts regarding compliance of data with these Rules, the service user does not have a right to upload certain data.

26. XTGEM service user obliges to inform XTGEM Service Provider should he notice that the data uploaded by other XTGEM service users violates these Rules, moral or ethic norms, rights and legitimate interests of third persons, or the requirements of the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

27. Neither UAB “XtGem“ administrating the XTGEM project, nor its partners, subsidiaries, employees, management, shareholders shall be liable to you or any other third persons for any direct or indirect, accidental, consequential damage or loss (even if XTGEM Service Provider has been informed about possible incurrence of loss), that arise/might arise due to:

27.1. use of or inability to use XTGEM services, which causes defects, delays in operations or breakdowns of other type in the user‘s software;

27.2. charges paid for services, data or information, and for transfer of data on the user’s mobile phone;

27.3. illegal access to the data of the service user;

27.4. trouble information transfer from/to XTGEM website;

27.5. change, removal or loss of information uploaded by the user;

27.6. access of viruses or other programmes of such type into the service user‘s software by using XTGEM website;

27.7. third persons’ behaviour or statements on the actions of the service user on XTGEM website;

27.8. any other disruption associated with XTGEM services.

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