24. By uploading the data on XTGEM website, the service user understands and agrees that:

24.1. XTGEM Service Provider does not oblige to ensure protection of data uploaded against illegal use of the data;

24.2. the data uploaded can be irreversibly lost due to technical or other reasons not depending on the will of XTGEM Service Provider;

24.3. the data uploaded can be removed (deleted) or the access to them may be restricted by the decision of XTGEM Service Provider without a separate notification;

24.4. the data uploaded may become publicly accessible to any person due to technical reasons;

24.5. XTGEM Service Provider has a right to get familiar with the data uploaded;

24.6. any person shall use the data uploaded without any compensation;

24.7. XTGEM Service Provider can make the data uploaded publicly accessible on other websites or use other authors’ property copyrights regarding the data uploaded without compensation.

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