Each time after visiting XTGEM website or when using XTGEM services, XTGEM Service Provider can send one or more cookies to the user‘s computer which identify the user and the type of the user‘s browser. Cookies are saved on the user‘s computer and not on XTGEM website.

XTGEM Service Provider uses cookies for recording the information on the visit to ensure that the same banners are not repeatedly sent to the same service users and to apply other information sent individually to each user, depending on the type of browser used by the user or the user‘s account data.

By using cookies XTGEM Service Provider may provide XTGEM users with specially applied contents and services and save the history of their visit on XTGEM website. This is a widely applied practice which is carried out by an absolute majority of internet server administrators operating in Lithuania and the rest of the world.

When the user logs in, even more cookies can be assigned, e.g. the ones which save the user‘s name or password so that it is not necessary to type them each time when logging in. The user logged in to XTGEM website can accept or reject all or part of cookies by appropriately setting up his internet browser if it is possible, but to be allowed to use all the services and functions of XTGEM website, the service user must accept the cookies sent by XTGEM.

If the user chooses to reject all or part of XTGEM cookies, certain services of XTGEM may not work properly (e.g. automatic log in to XTGEM website services after registration).

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