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This life is temporary and a test. You will be definitely resurrected again. And no doubt about it.<br /> <br /> Don't be one of them who will ask to come back to this world again and to do good deeds and worship Allah alone. But it will be extreme too late. There is no coming back. Please Read, before it is too late.<br /> "And what [harm would come] upon them if they believed in Allah and the Last Day and spent out of what Allah provided for them? And Allah is ever, about them, Knowing." [An Nisa 4:39]<br /> 🔸 Quran.com<br /> 🔸 Sunnah.com<br /> 🔸 qtafsir.com<br /> ------------------------------<br /> Please Vsist:<br /> 🔸 gainpeace.com<br /> 🔸 kaheel7.com/eng<br /> 🔸 shareislam.com<br /> 🔸 muslimcentral.com (Listen Podcasts)<br /> <br /> have you read Quran, or ignored? You have read so may books in your life, why not this one? Which is talking about the real permanent life, the hereafter?

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