Upon registration on XTGEM website, the service user must choose and create a password. The service user is completely responsible for the confidentiality of the password chosen. The password is the only guarantee that the user account is not artificially modified therefore all XTGEM service users are invited to choose secure passwords. The service users do not have a right to disclose the password chosen to third persons or use the passwords of other XTGEM service users. The service user obliges to immediately inform XTGEM Service Provider if he/she suspects that other XTGEM service users make use of the password chosen by the service user.

Other links and adverts

XTGEM Service Provider has a right to allow other natural and legal persons to upload banners or links to advertising or other types of websites on XTGEM website. Advertisers are granted a right to use technologies for sending banners or links to them directly to the user’s website or mobile phone. In such a case, advertisers automatically receive the user‘s IP. Advertisers also use other technologies (e. g. cookies, JavaScript, etc.) to assess the effectiveness of the adverts sent and to apply the advertisements to each user.

XTGEM Service Provider shall not be liable for the content of advertisers’ and other websites, the links to which have been uploaded on XTGEM website and for violation of privacy policy of these websites. XTGEM privacy policy is applied only to information which is collected on XTGEM website. Use of advertisers‘ cookies or other technologies is regulated by the privacy policy of concrete advertisers, and XTGEM Service Provider shall not be responsible for the methods used by advertisers for ensuring privacy.

XTGEM Service Provider shall not be responsible for the content advertisers provide on XTGEM website and shall not grant any guarantees regarding goods/services advertised.

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