XTGEM Service Provider aims to ensure the protection of XTGEM website visitors’ and service users’ privacy. This privacy policy is applied only to XTGEM website.

By logging in to XTGEM website and using its services you have to agree with these conditions of privacy policy. If you do not agree with this privacy policy, we kindly ask you not to use XTGEM services and leave the XTGEM website.

Collection and Use of Information about the User

The user logged in to XTGEM website can be identified according to his user name or password. The user who is not logged in may be identified according to the IP address of his network.

XTGEM service user understands and agrees that XTGEM Service Provider receives and collects data about the user each time the user logs in. XTGEM Service Provider automatically receives information of non personal nature identifying each user of XTGEM website: IP address, the operation system of the user‘s computer, type of browser, flow regularities, other similar data and the information on the account created by the user on XTGEM website. This data is used for management, administration of XTGEM website and for the improvement of the quality of the services provided by XTGEM.

XTGEM Service Provider has a right to use information of non personal nature and disclose it to third persons in order to improve the quality of the services provided by XTGEM to its users. IP addresses of users are recorded for a limited period of time for the purposes of safety and observation.

XTGEM service users communicate with each other on XTGEM website without disclosing their e-mail addresses. Full names of users are never disclosed to other XTGEM service users. User names, e-mail addresses and other personal information provided by the users can be used by XTGEM Service Provider only in order to be able to react to the users’ requests, contact them by e-mail, and inform them on the amendments to XTGEM rules or this Privacy Policy.

XTGEM Service Provider obliges not to disclose any personal information of the user to any third persons without the user's permission, except when this information needs to be presented according to the effective legal acts or other cases indicated in this Privacy Policy.

XTGEM service user understands and agrees that the risks related to the submission of personal data are always possible and that such information which XTGEM service user discloses voluntarily on XTGEM website forums, chat rooms, messages, pictures, etc. becomes publicly accessible to all XTGEM service users and can be collected and used by other XTGEM service users who can resend and provide this data on other websites otherwise make them publicly accessible to other third persons and in such a case this data of an XTGEM service user are not stored as personal.

Also the log in name of an XTGEM service user may be shown to other XTGEM service users when the user sends or uploads information on XTGEM website and so other service users who receive this information may contact the user by writing messages or using XTGEM services.

XTGEM Service Provider has a right to use the user‘s e-mail for administrative purposes such as a notification to the user about changes to services provided by XTGEM or the news and for other purposes of service provision. XTGEM Service Provider has a right to use the information collected about the user such as the date of service use, IP address, operational system of the user‘s computer, and type of browser in order to improve the quality of XTGEM services.

XTGEM service user has a right to make the collected information (personal/impersonal) identifying the user public in the following cases:
1. if this is mandatory according to the effectual legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and other jurisdictions, upon request of law enforcement institutions or good will suspecting that such actions are mandatory according to the effectual legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania or other jurisdictions;
2. in order to investigate, to prevent from or to take other measures when a notification is received/there are suspicions concerning illegal and criminal acts on XTGEM website, including but not limited to fraud, children pornography, drug trading, threat or coercion against any person or any group of people, as well as spamming of viruses or other harmful information, actions which are prohibited and are indicated in XTGEM rules and/or other acts which are prohibited according to the requirements of the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania or of any other peace jurisdiction;
3. if, at the discretion of XTGEM, this information is necessary for implementation of XTGEM rules by ensuring security and consistency of services, to preclude possible incurrence of losses and to examine the claims and requests of third persons regarding the incurrence/possibility to incur loss or to protect the rights, property of XTGEM Service Provider, XTGEM service users or third persons and to ensure their safety;
4. if this information is necessary for the solution of technical troubles.


Each time after visiting XTGEM website or when using XTGEM services, XTGEM Service Provider can send one or more cookies to the user‘s computer which identify the user and the type of the user‘s browser. Cookies are saved on the user‘s computer and not on XTGEM website.

XTGEM Service Provider uses cookies for recording the information on the visit to ensure that the same banners are not repeatedly sent to the same service users and to apply other information sent individually to each user, depending on the type of browser used by the user or the user‘s account data.

By using cookies XTGEM Service Provider may provide XTGEM users with specially applied contents and services and save the history of their visit on XTGEM website. This is a widely applied practice which is carried out by an absolute majority of internet server administrators operating in Lithuania and the rest of the world.

When the user logs in, even more cookies can be assigned, e.g. the ones which save the user‘s name or password so that it is not necessary to type them each time when logging in. The user logged in to XTGEM website can accept or reject all or part of cookies by appropriately setting up his internet browser if it is possible, but to be allowed to use all the services and functions of XTGEM website, the service user must accept the cookies sent by XTGEM.

If the user chooses to reject all or part of XTGEM cookies, certain services of XTGEM may not work properly (e.g. automatic log in to XTGEM website services after registration).


Upon registration on XTGEM website, the service user must choose and create a password. The service user is completely responsible for the confidentiality of the password chosen. The password is the only guarantee that the user account is not artificially modified therefore all XTGEM service users are invited to choose secure passwords. The service users do not have a right to disclose the password chosen to third persons or use the passwords of other XTGEM service users. The service user obliges to immediately inform XTGEM Service Provider if he/she suspects that other XTGEM service users make use of the password chosen by the service user.

Other links and adverts

XTGEM Service Provider has a right to allow other natural and legal persons to upload banners or links to advertising or other types of websites on XTGEM website. Advertisers are granted a right to use technologies for sending banners or links to them directly to the user’s website or mobile phone. In such a case, advertisers automatically receive the user‘s IP. Advertisers also use other technologies (e. g. cookies, JavaScript, etc.) to assess the effectiveness of the adverts sent and to apply the advertisements to each user.

XTGEM Service Provider shall not be liable for the content of advertisers’ and other websites, the links to which have been uploaded on XTGEM website and for violation of privacy policy of these websites. XTGEM privacy policy is applied only to information which is collected on XTGEM website. Use of advertisers‘ cookies or other technologies is regulated by the privacy policy of concrete advertisers, and XTGEM Service Provider shall not be responsible for the methods used by advertisers for ensuring privacy.

XTGEM Service Provider shall not be responsible for the content advertisers provide on XTGEM website and shall not grant any guarantees regarding goods/services advertised.

Other conditions

XTGEM services are administered in Lithuania and Europe. If the user logs in to XTGEM website from the USA, Asia or other regions which regulate the provision of certain services, collection and disclosure of private personal data in any other way than that provided by the law of the European Union, the user understands and agrees that the user‘s personal information, mentioned above in this privacy policy, would be sent and used in the European Union.

XTGEM Service Provider has a right to unilaterally change this privacy policy. The amendments to the privacy policy shall come into force from the moment of the announcement of them on XTGEM website. The users shall be informed about the most important amendments to privacy policy by e-mail, which has been indicated by the user, or by uploading a special notification about the amendment of privacy policy on XTGEM website.

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